Following Evidence: Part 1

Following Shannon

Shannon’s discovery of beef on her front porch is definitely disturbing. On top of that, it’s so unusual. My mother has always said if something doesn’t feel right or if something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. So essentially, trust your gut!


In regards to beef on the porch, this isn’t right. People don’t leave ground beef, in a plastic bag, on someone’s porch? Well, unless it’s a prank, but still that’s weird. There has to be a motive. Is someone hinting towards The End? Did someone drop their dinner plans in passing? With all of these potential possibilities, it’s hard to sift through the information. BUT I have a hunch… what if it wasn’t beef at all? What if it was brains? Stay tuned to my blog posts as I continue my research.

Design Assignment

I completed this assignment on I opened the Card template and then proceeded to Elements to use a solid, black square. I moved the square over to my template to create a “split effect.” Next, I opened two text boxes one for BEEF and the other for BRAINS. Then I changed the text to match the theme for both sides of the image. Finally, I went to Google Images and searched for a PNG of both objects and put them onto the template.

Week Twelve

Week Twelve

Week twelve was a blast for me. I loved being able to go through and pick out which assignments I wanted to do! Additionally, I loved that the demands for DS106 were not as great as they have been in past weeks. At this point in the semester/school year coursework is becoming extremely demanding, so I appreciated what we had to do in the class.

Question of the Week

Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

My black vest. Oh good… this should turn out well for me! Um… I could wrap it around someone’s neck and choke them out? Seems a little dark, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Share Your Evidence

My Evidence

Write a blog post in which you share your found evidence. Tell us the story behind your finding of it. Share the post on Twitter using #theend106 #evidence.

I have recently been in contact with my old radio show group, and we all had something to say about the current state of our classmates. Week after week we have noticed a lack of motivation in the blogs of our peers. We noted that at the beginning of the semester, blog posts and Twitter post were enthusiastic and engaged, but now… not so much. Additionally, we’ve noted stress-related illnesses. Student’s all across the campus of Mary Washington have been missing from classrooms and from campus walk. You can occasionally find masses of students in the Hurley Convergence center or in Blackstone.

This odd behavior can be attributed to a plague-like disease. Nothing here will be declared today, not before we have more evidence, but this is a public service announcement for all members of the UMW Community: Be aware and stay sane.

#theend106 #ds106 #evidence #senioritis




Create Finsta Instagram (4 Stars)

Create an alternate Instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself! Post an intro post that describes the character you have described to be.

I completed this assignment on Instagram. First, I had to create a new Gmail account because the email accounts I currently have are being used for my personal account and for my DS106 account. After the Gmail was made then I could make Offred’s Instagram! I had her follow some actors from “The Handmaid’s Tale” HULU series, just to top some things off. The account becoming more and more complete. Next, I went to Google Images to pull some content for her page. I found four images I wanted to use and created a post for each of them.

Her Instagram account is super hip. If you want to follow her go to the link:

Minimalist Travel Poster: “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Minimalist Travel Posters Based In Movies (3 Stars)

Create a minimalistic travel poster for a location in film, TV series, etc.

I completed this assignment at I personally have been using this website for years and I am absolutely in love with it; there is so much you can do! Before I even opened Canva, I did a little research on both minimalistic movie covers and previous book covers for “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Once I had some inspiration under my belt, I went to Canva and picked the “Poster” template. Then, I went under “Bkground” and handpicked a shade of red. Next, I added two text boxes and changed the font to complete my headings and finally, I simply added two shapes to imitate the image of a handmaid facing the ground. The assignment asked for minimal and I produced minimally!

“The Handmaid’s Tale” in GIFs

Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs (5 Stars)

Use no more than 10 animated GIFs to tell the story of the movie of your choice.

I completed this assignment doing typing in “handmaid’s tale gif” into the search box of Google Images for animations. For the most part, I aimlessly went through the masses of content– picking things that looked important to the storyline of the novel. Once I had everything I wanted to be downloaded, I organized my media into chronological order: the making of my “movie.” Then I imported them into this blog post! Lastly, I edited each GIF I could to measure out to 480 x 270. I did this to give a more cohesive look throughout the post.  It is a very quick summary with only ten GIFs, but it is also pretty informative. I hope you enjoy this GIF summary!

Watch a Movie/Make a Movie

Watch a Movie/Make a Movie

For this assignment, I chose to watch the film “28 Days Later.”

Supercut it – “28 Days Later”

Create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular character, tv show, film, and/or public figure. A supercut is a “fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and TV. collects every known example of the video remix meme.”

Yikes. I will be the first to admit that I did not enjoy this assignment. I think that the primary reason is my choice in film. I chose the wrong movie to watch, but once I had started it (and paid for it) there was really no turning back. I don’t do well with gory movies and to be honest, this one made me sick to my stomach. I had to turn away from my television screen multiple times. So, if you aren’t okay with blood, biting, and fighting– stay away! Unfortunately, I think having to make a video for the movie was even worse because I had to carefully go through clips to find what I needed to complete the assignment. I chose “blood” as my main theme because I felt like that was all I saw (or all my mind saw) throughout the film. I was a little limited on movie clips because I wasn’t quite sure where to pull from, but I think I got a fairly broad overview of scenes from the movie.

I completed the assignment in iMovie. I looked through YouTube to find clips I needed to complete my video. I took the URLs from various YouTube clips from the movie and converted them into MP4 files by using the website After they were all downloaded, I dragged the files into the media window in iMovie and added them to my timeline queue. Lastly, I added some music. I couldn’t stand listening to the screaming and squirting of blood so I used a piece of the film’s score– the song is titled, “Rage.” I used the website to take audio from YouTube by copying the URL and adding it to their converter. Once the audio was downloaded I dragged the file and placed it under the video clips. I lowered the volume on all clips to 0%, except for the first one which sets the tone for my video. 

Six Stars of Video

Six Stars of Video

This week I chose two video assignments to complete. Here they are…

Personal Stories (3 stars)

Create a short video that, 1) shows us who you are, 2) shows us your past experiences This can be texts, pictures and possibly other videos that will be put together using all of your current social media accounts. You will choose what to put in and what to leave out, and this doesn’t have to be a long video, only 2-3 minutes

I completed this assignment using iMovie. First, I grabbed a bunch of images from Google to fit exactly what I wanted to tell my story. Once I collected everything I wanted, I imported them into the iMovie media queue to be able to add them to my “Personal Story.” I wanted to tell the story of my End character, Offred, a handmaid in a man’s world. I was lucky enough to incase a real cohesiveness with this video because all of the images used are from Season 1 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” from HULU.

How to Video (3 Stars)

For this assignment, you are to make a tutorial video. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, just any type of “how to” or life hack video. Or, to make things more interesting try making a tutorial video on how to make a tutorial video.

I completed this assignment in iMovie. I filmed the video clips using the landscape view on my iPhone 7, both with the front-facing camera and the camera on the back of the phone. After all of the clips were filmed I imported them in iMovie and placed them in chronological order in the media queue. Finally, I shared and publish the video on YouTube!

10 Apocalyptic Questions

10 Apocalyptic Questions

Complete the 10 Apocalyptic Questions assignment. Download the original clip in the assignment, record your answers to at least 5 of the questions, and then edit it all together.

Things are crazy out there, man. Decoder rings, missing hats, dinosuars? Who knows where this will all end. Brave researcher Vanessa Locke has some questions for all of us. Download her video and choose at least 5 of her questions to answer by splicing your own video answers/responses in. Be honest and brave!

I complete this assignment in iMovie. First, I took the URL from a YouTube clip of the video and converted it into an MP4 by using After it was downloaded, I dragged the file into the media window in iMovie and added it to my timeline queue. After watching the entire video, I was able to go through and take out the five questions I felt the most comfortable answering. Finally, I took my own video responses directly in the application and imported them into my movie. This assignment was definitely interesting but super fun! I felt more engaged doing this kind of work than comparatively doing something like the “Question of the Week.”

Week Eleven

Week Eleven

WEEK ELEVEN WAS SO BUSY FOR ME! There were so many assignments due this week for DS106, all fun, but a lot to do and get finished for Monday. I enjoyed continuing with video this week. My YouTube channel is looking like something real now. With continuing the video section of our course, I have definitely been able to improve my editing skills and I’ve even tried a little work on the side for my personal use; which I think is great! People always ask if what you’re working on in class can be used in the real world and the answer for this course is yes.

Daily Create – A Family that Gifs Together Stays Together: Reply to the DS106er before you with a gif that continues the story

Everyone loves a good gif, but what’s even cooler is making a story from a series of gifs. Together as DS106ers we are going to write a story. Essentially, you are going to reply to the DS106er before you with a gif that continues the story. You can add some text in your tweet, but try to find the perfect gif to continue the story.

I completed this assignment on pure creativity! After adding my story line, I inserted a GIF directly from Twitter. This was really fun to be apart of; it was great seeing what everyone was able to come up with. From Wonder Woman to “Kimye” West this thread was amazing.

Daily Create – Write a poem about a mistake you made

I completed this assignment on the Notes application on my phone. It took me a little while to think of a mistake that I’ve made where I would be able to easily rhyme and create a short version, but I have a large repertoire of mistakes so I had a lot of inspiration to pull from! After I created my poem I copy and pasted it into Twitter and gave it a title. Lastly, I inserted a GIF directly from Twitter.

Question of the week

You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

If I heard on the radio the End was coming. I would immediately call my mom (like I do in every circumstance). My plan of action would be to figure out a way to get together with my family; if the End is coming, I would want to be with them. After that had been decided, I would quickly pack my things and then go to where I need to be to be with my loved ones.