Radio Show Reflection

Girl’s Guide to/for/through the APOCALYPSE

Write a blog post in which you offer a final reflection on the production of your show, particularly what it was like to listen along to it with the rest of the class. Also, share your impressions of the other show you tuned into.

“Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse” is finished! Our show went on air this past week on Tuesday, March 20th @ 9:00pm Elizabeth Finto, from my group, live-tweeted the whole thing and it was amazing.

Now that it has been aired, I can talk to you all about the process that went into making our show. We met before Spring Break to hash out our ideas. That where “Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse” was born! We decided on a girl-centered show to provide tips and tricks on how to survive the apocalypse to our female listeners.
During Spring Break the members of my group separately wrote the respective scripts. That way once we came back to school we would be ready to go straight to the studio, and that’s what we did! We went down to the recording booth on the first floor of the HCC. We all talked about the order of our show, music, and then recorded! We were there from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and were able to knock out nearly everything to have a complete show. We did struggle a little bit with the microphone and Logic Pro X, which was the program in which we were recording. Once it hit 7:00pm, we were all pretty exhausted with being there and frustrated with editing. I volunteered to take on the editing and so all files were emailed to me and that soon turned into my weekend plans!
I have a lot of fun editing, it’s something I really enjoy. I do all of the music editings for the UMW Dance Team, so I was familiar with what I need to do. I used Garage Band on my MacBook and it took me about 6 hours to complete our show. No biggie!
We had a blast doing it and I hope people had a blast listening. Thank you, Professor Burtis, for this awesome opportunity!

Springing Out of Week Eight

Week 8

The school year is winding down! This week I focused on completing my semester-long read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood and two daily create assignments.

daily create – What’s on your bread?

look at this lovely home made bread

For this assignment, I simply thought of what I put on my bread! Particularly over the summer, when I have more time to make breakfast, I like to make avocado toast with a pan-fried egg on top. Sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper and you’re good to go! I pulled two images from Google to complete this daily create.

Daily Create – animal swap

Imagine you and your animal pet could swap bodies for one day. Show us what pet you’d be, what you’ll be doing in your pet’s body and what you think your new boss (your pet in your body now) would be saying to you.

Since I don’t have a pet, for this assignment, I decided to choose a lion for my animal of choice. I curled and teased my hair to allude a lion’s mane, as well as two “power buns” for ears. To complete my lion look, I used black liner to create a cat wing and a muzzle. It was not hard at all and very fun to play around with! 


Drumroll, please… I am proud to announce that between reading and listening to the audiobook in my car, I completed my semester-long read of “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood over Spring Break. This incredibly detailed novel made me think and made me cringe. It was a great read! Now, after having read the book I look forward to watching Season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale on HULU.

Week(s) Seven and Eight

Week seven

Week seven of the apocalypse was pretty cool. My class group staring working on our radio show, and I was able to enjoy making assignments. Typically in a week, I would have multiple assignments, but this week that wasn’t the case. Thus, I was able to really take time in what I was doing rather than feel rushed. I had a great week!

DAily create – 80’s Glam message

I used the Photo Funia Retro Generator to complete this assignment. I chose the third background option and the third text font option. I typed “Beets” in one text box, “Bears” in the next text box, and “Battlestar Galactica” in the last text box option. Very simple!

This is a popular quote by Jim Halpert from The Office. I picked this quote because I love The Office, as do most people of the generation. It is absolutely hilarious.

Daily Create – make your own wheel of fortune puzzle

I used Word Puzzle Generator to complete this assignment. I submitted the following statements:

Line 1: _T’S E_THER


Line 3: _R BE

Line 4: K_LLED

Clue: We All Die

This quote is from Vine. Vine was a video sharing app that is no longer available to consumers. Two years later and I am stilling YouTube-ing videos of these hilarious 6-second clips. It may seem a little random, but I love Vine, and I thought the quote tied into our class apocalyptic theme.

Question of the week

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something…else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

If the apocalypse were to happen, I think I would want to be a supernatural being. I would want to be a superhero! But in what circumstance would this have to happen? There are many possibilities, but here is just one:

Meteorite – The traffic on highways is incredibly deep. No vehicle is moving and the roads are at a complete standstill. Earlier that morning a nation-wide broadcast was on every radio and television in America. We were informed that a meteor was dangerously close to earth and its trajectory was for the Mid-East region of the United States. Everyone was traveling west. I was in the car when I saw it; it was huge and engulfed in blood orange flames. I looked like I was getting hit in the face. You know that moment when something is flying your way, right to the face, and it gets closer and bigger and closer and bigger until it hits you smack dab in the forehead. Well that thing hitting you in the face is the meteorite and your forehead is the field sitting adjacent to the highway, smack dab. After it hit and the smoke cleared, I walked over, like an idiot. Now it was no longer an orange color, but a glowing green. I felt drawn to its neon and I couldn’t help to touch; it was freezing cold. Somehow. After literally being on fire only a few moments ago, it is now frigid. I traced my finger along the rim of a crater then rubbed whatever substance came off between my index finger and my thumb. Looking at my smeared fingertips, I knew something was changing…

From Behind the Computer To Behind the Microphone

Radio Show

This week I met up with my group in the Hurley Convergence Center to work on our radio show concept. I am working with the following class members:

Taylor Malone —

Elizabeth Finto —

Morgan Burke —

Emily Sanborn —

Make sure to check out their blogs! We collaborated on different ideas and concepts and ended up landing on the idea of a female-targeted show. We plan to include beauty hacks, life tips, advice, and health and nutrition information for girl’s all around the world living through “The End.” We call it, “(Girl’s Guide) Through the Apocalypse.” Emily and Morgan will be educating listeners on beauty/life hacks. The advice column will be tackled by the midwives of the group, Taylor and myself. Finally, the health and nutrition segment will be headed by Elizabeth. We are super excited to start working on scripts and editing our sound bites. I definitely recommend giving it a listen! Be prepared to listen to how to make the perfect mud mask, love advice about zombie lovers, and how to keep your fitness up!

For our show, I created three logos (I couldn’t help myself) to accompany our female empowered concept.

Sugar and Spice

I completed this logo on Canva. First, I applied an element; an outline of a circle and changed the color to black. Then I downloaded a png file from Google of an animated black fist and dropped it into the circle. I added a floral background and changed it to a pink. Finally, I added three separate text boxes to complete the look!



I completed this logo on Canva. I downloaded an image from Google and dropped in three separate text boxes. It was very simple to create.

Fight Like A Girl

I completed this logo on Canva. Similar to the “Rosie” design, I downloaded an image from Google and dropping in three separate text boxes.

Sixth Week Into The End

Week six

Week six… dude. As always, I’m overwhelmed. I will say, this week’s assignments seemed to come to me more effortlessly this time around. I love-love-loved playing around with photos and most importantly design. In addition to my prior knowledge of these forms of media, I learned a lot!

Aside from individual projects, I’m in a group! I have joined forces with three other girls in the class and I can’t wait to get to work. I have enjoyed reaching out to people in the class. I have put in more effort to leave comments on my classmates to work on Twitter, Instagram, and blogs.

UPDATE: I am changing the layout of my blog posts. If you have been keeping up with my content, you may have noticed that I like to compile my projects into to a minimal number of posts. Now, I will be splitting up assignments into their own posts! Not too drastic of a change, but a change nonetheless!

Daily Create – Letter Felt Board

You are living in a post-apocalyptic world and unfortunately, your time has come. You want to leave words that people will remember you by. The only way to to do this is through a nearby felt letter board.

Daily Create –  Show Us the Pitch

Use the Movie Pitch Generator to come up with a fake movie plot. Then come up with the title for your fake movie and put it on a poster.

Daily create – Fake move/fake review

Write a movie review in one tweet of a movie (yours or someone else’s) from #TDC2235: Show us the Pitch.

Question of the week

Group dynamics can be tricky.
What’s been the most succcesful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

Group projects can be a pain in the butt. Frankly, I hate working in groups because, more often then not, I like to control the situation. When working in groups, you have to dedicate equal responsibilities throughout members. The most successful group I’ve ever been a part of was my Research group last semester. There was four of us, but we all meshed together really well! Our personalities were similar and we enjoyed working together. In addition, when it actually came down to doing work, we delegated the work. One person was in charge of the introduction, one in charge of methods, one in charge of printing, and so on and so on and so on. We used Google Documents and so we didn’t have to meet outside of class much at all (which was my FAVORITE part) and we still accomplish a lot.

Design Reflection

Design reflection

You’ve looked at two videos from different designers (who engage in very different kinds of design) as well as some basic resources to learn the elements of design. How do these three resources influence your own approach to tackling design work this week?  Which resonated with you the most any why? Did any of them seem to contradict each other? If so, what do you make of that?

The most important part of these weekly projects is taking prior knowledge on the subject at hand and combining it with additional information that is learned through assignments. So, I guess, that’s how these three resources influence how I worked on the design assignments this week– Combining my various forms knowledge. The TED Talk by Paula Scher resonated with me the most, particuarly the quote, “When I’m designing, I’m both a kid and I’m gambling all the time.” Graphic design is really fun, and so I completely agree with Scher. Designing is playful, it’s creativeful, it’s imaginative, as well as a toss up to whether or not it will be positvitly reciveved by the public. In comparison to David Carson’s TED Talk, I didn’t find them to contradictory at all. The both find deisgn a playful and sometimes humorous form of art. I enjoyed listening to what both of these artisit had to say!


Chose Your Own Assignment(s)

What You’re Missing Nearby (3 1/2 stars)

Have you ever wanted to travel, but do not have the time and money? Or maybe you are a world traveler and think you have seen it all. Spend some time and find at least four places to visit that are near you. It is amazing all the things that we miss and take for granted near our own homes. Make a picture collage of the places you would be interested in visiting and then add text to the picture. Between the inspiring pictures and the text so you do not forget the location, you’re bound to discover new things near you!

The best to spread cheer is making cards for all to see (3 1/2 stars)

Make a card for someone through an online design program.

Design Assignment(s)


Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least five of the eight concepts listed below (from the Adobe article):

  • Alignment
  • Hierarchy
  • Contrast
  • Repitition
  • Proximity
  • Balance
  • Color
  • Space

I have dedicated an entire blog post to this assignment. To see more, visit “DesignBlitz Challenge.” You can also visit my Instagram (@Rachs_Story), which you can see here:

Alternative book cover

Create an alternative book cover for the novel you’re reading for The End 106. Use the design concepts you’re learning about in your cover. One bonus star if you create an animated GIF cover!

I created my alternative book cover using Canva. When crafting my design I knew one thing before I even started– Red. I had to use the color red and that was one thing I wouldn’t compromise. Red is color of the handmaid’s uniform and what classifies them God’s gift to the Republic of Gilead. The silhouette of people represents the many women who work for the Rachel and Leah Center, and the one in white is the main character Offred. She is in white because she stands apart from the rest of the handmaid’s. She is determined to break free from this newly developed misogynistic society and regain her rights as a strong and quick-witted woman.

character design

Use Hero Machine to design and create a representation of your character for The End 106. When you’re done, export it as PNG file and then use a photo editing application to place your character in a setting that makes sense. Bonus star if you make the final product an animated GIF.

For this assignment… I kind of broke the rules. I have become so invested in the main character of my semester-long read I couldn’t help but include her in this design. Offred falls under the “Midwife” archetype. She is a survivalist and a feminist, not to mention quick-witted and perceptive. She truly is such a strong individual.

Offred is wearing her handmaid uniform– A long red dress with modest sleeves and a hooded red coat to match. In addition, she is wearing sensible shoes which come in the form of brown boots. Her hair is pulled back ever so slightly, but here she is seen without her white bonnet. She is found standing in her bedroom, a place of solitude.

FUN FACT: The setting behind my character is seen in the HULU original, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” I have enjoyed meshing components of both the novel and the show.

Week (I’m Out Of Apocalyptic Puns) Five

Week Five

This was a very challenging week for me. I had several other demands outside of this class including papers, portfolios, and performances that kept me from doing my work like I would like to. Through all of that chaos, I missed my Daily Create assignments! They are always such a great stress reliever. The audio assignments for Week Five were a lot more difficult than the assignments we have worked on in past weeks, but… I never back down from a challenge! I enjoyed playing around and mixing music.

Question of the Week

How are you feeling? Be specific.

STRESSED. I find myself constantly overwhelmed. Like I’m drowning in responsibilities and I can’t quite find the surface. I feel like I am in control of my life, but also like there is always something I am forgetting and ultimately leaving out. Maybe I need my Spring Break now?