Another Week, Another Apocalyptic Catastrophe

Week two

DS 106 continues on and I am enjoying every minute of it! I have really taken to the Daily Create assignments and posting on my Twitter account. This class has been so much fun so far, and I look forward to what the rest of the semester brings!

The daily create – FLASH FICTION

the daily create – another dimension


“In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?”

I would rather be turned into a zombie. If all my loved ones, my friends, and family members, were all turned into zombies I would be so lonely. I wouldn’t be able to interact with them the way I would want to— In fact, I’d be rather scared of them. In addition, I think of it sacrificially, if I was turned into a zombie my loved ones would be able to enjoy their mortal lives… just without me!

Reading Reflection


“What did you think about the versions of the apocalypse outlined in End Day? How would you react in the situations that were shown?”

I found the variations of apocalypse be quite interesting. Throughout the film, I found myself searching for additional possibilities for the world to end because I couldn’t help but notice that so many are left out. I noticed that there was a trend among the four versions; they all took a very scientific or biological standpoint. Between a tsunami, meteorites, plague, volcanoes, and a black hole they were all remanent of (far-fetched) scenarios that could potentially happen in real life.

If I found myself in the situations shown I wouldn’t try to run; you really can’t. With the proportion of these situations, death is inevitable.

Which situation was most frightening (or silly)?

It was all pretty silly, but just because the CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) was so bad. I will say, I think the most ridiculous situation was the black hole. 

What did you learn about apoc/post-apoc science fiction in the Routledge article that you didn’t already know?

I learned that the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic science fiction genre was extremely popular in the twentieth-century and was a dominant form of expression for artists. The phenomena of catastrophe fiction has captivated audiences and left them mesmerized– Which I find ironic because this genre has never been on my radar. 

What are your initial reactions to the novel excerpt you read? Is this a book you would continue to read? Why or why not?

I read the excerpt from Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake.” My initial reaction was that it is beautifully written; very descriptive. I found it interesting for the main character Snowman to refer to pre-apocalyptic times as “before” or “the past.” They are little details, but as I was reading it those phrases made it seem more real. I felt the shift in their lives. Things were ripped away from them; people, memories, material items. I just couldn’t imagine being left with anything but myself.

Story Time

My Inner Incredible Hulk

I can’t ride a bike. Okay– I can ride a bike, but I’m not good at it. Compared to my peers I was late in learning this skill. I was in the fifth grade, 10-years-old. 

Here’s the story why I don’t ever ride a bike.

My family was being visited by my aunt and uncle from their home in Florida. I couldn’t wait to show them my bike and what I had been working on. One evening during their visit, I had just taken my shower and put on these totally 90’s lime green and floral patterned pajamas. My mother, my aunt, and I walked outside and I grabbed my bike. We had a huge hill in our backyard so I thought if I started up there I would have the best chance of successfully riding my bike and showing my aunt what I could do. I made sure my mother and aunt were watching, and then I began to peddle. As I picked up speed I let my feet off the peddles. Bad idea. I quickly lost my balance and drifted off into the trunk of a Magnolia tree. I untangled myself from my bike and brushed off a couple of leaves. I turned around to face my mother and aunt; I was so embarrassed. You know that kind of embarrassment where a warm sensation floods underneath your skin? Well, that feeling transferred into anger. I turned back around to my bike, picked it up, and threw as far as I could. I then grabbed the shirt fabric of my pajamas and ripped it open. Little lime green buttons went flying everywhere. I only remember breathing really heavy… It like was I was in my own little world until I heard my mother yell, “Rachel Marshall Melvin, you better pick up every last button off this ground!” My head whipped around and we locked eyes. She was mad.

It was a tense situation then, but now it’s a hilarious story to tell. Between the green in my pajamas and my anger, I was a 10-year-old Hulk. 

Tell It/Tweet It

Zombies, Aliens, and Plague… Oh, My!


Hi! My name is Rachel Melvin. I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington (UMW) in Fredericksburg, VA. I am currently enrolled in a 106 Computer Science course titled “Digital Storytelling.” So! I will be using this blog and several other means of social media, including Instagram and Twitter (@Rachs_Story), to walk you through my life and my experiences in this course. 

Week one

This week has flown by… It is syllabus week here at UMW and so I am currently walking through the motions of my new schedule. One component of my schedule right now is this course: “Digital Storytelling.” In this week I have explored new forms of technology including WordPress, UMW’s “Domain of One’s Own,” I have been introduced to new people that I will spend “The End” with thanks to Slack, and I have gotten a sneak peek of what this course is really all about. I will admit… I had quite a headache this week setting everything up, but I realize most of the heavy-lifting is now out of the way. Soon I will be regularly active on my various accounts and be enjoying every minute of it! 

Question of the Week

“What is your own personal relationship with apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction? Are there particular stories (from books, TV, movies, etc.) that have resonated with you? Why? What genre of the apocalypse (zombie, alien invasion, plague, etc) seems particularly interesting to you? Why?”

This semester of CPSC 106 involves apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic themes. The very first thing I did when I read that on our class website was copy and paste the description into Google. I stumbled across a Wikipedia page and began to scroll through the long list of movies, novels, and tv shows that share this genre. I discovered that I not only had never seen/read anything on the list, but I had not even heard of over half of them! What a treat. With that being said, out of the three things listed above in my title, the plague seems the most intriguing. It could be various things; when you get a “plague” there is no telling what it may be. How ominous! Right now, I immediately think of the two things: The 10 Plagues of Egypt and The Black Plague. I may not know much now, but I am excited to see what I learn from this class in terms of this topic.