10 Apocalyptic Questions

10 Apocalyptic Questions

Complete the 10 Apocalyptic Questions assignment. Download the original clip in the assignment, record your answers to at least 5 of the questions, and then edit it all together.

Things are crazy out there, man. Decoder rings, missing hats, dinosuars? Who knows where this will all end. Brave researcher Vanessa Locke has some questions for all of us. Download her video and choose at least 5 of her questions to answer by splicing your own video answers/responses in. Be honest and brave!

I complete this assignment in iMovie. First, I took the URL from a YouTube clip of the video and converted it into an MP4 by using clipconverter.cc. After it was downloaded, I dragged the file into the media window in iMovie and added it to my timeline queue. After watching the entire video, I was able to go through and take out the five questions I felt the most comfortable answering. Finally, I took my own video responses directly in the application and imported them into my movie. This assignment was definitely interesting but super fun! I felt more engaged doing this kind of work than comparatively doing something like the “Question of the Week.”

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