Assignments Chosen by Martha

Web Assignment

Using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice.

AUdio assignment

Visit Frequency 2156 and spend sometime exploring the broadcasts. Then record your own dispatch and upload it. Grab the URL of your own recording when it’s uploaded and share it on your blog. Make sure your recording tells a a story! Use sound effects, music, other voices to develop your story.

One thought on “Assignments Chosen by Martha”

  1. I like that you kept the theme of the Handmaid’s Tale in your assignments. In the resume assignment the juxtaposition of Offred’s work experience was startling to me even though I know the plot of the book. It so starkly pinpoints the before and after of that society. I really liked it. I also enjoyed the little story you read for the Frequency 2156 assignment. Great job!

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