Daily Creates (Week Fourteen)

Let’s give @NetKidHorse a name. Name this horse!

This horse has no name. This horse is not a horse. Give this horse a name. It needs a name!

To give this horse a proper name, I really looked at him. You know how people all the time say, “She really looks like a Brittany” or “He looks like an Austin.” We always give things a name based on how they look. I gave this no-named horse the name Spee because of the curls in his/her mane. I thought it was fitting!

Draw the most important person in your life

In order to celebrate and thank those that get us through the hard times, draw the most important person (or people) in your life. This can be family, friends, a teacher, or you could even draw your pet! Show us how much you love them, and show them too!

To complete this assignment I chose to draw a picture of my boyfriend, Tucker. Though the term “boyfriend” sounds so juvenile and potentially fleeting, I wanted to portray him because at this point in my life he deserves to be celebrated. This year has been particularly rough for me on several different aspects, but Tucker has always been right by my side.He is my best friend, my therapist, my supporter, AND my boyfriend. For all that he has done for me, he deserves this mini portrait to show how much I appreciate him.

Ice-cream Extravaganza! Sometimes the freezer section just doesn’t have what suits your craving. Create your own delicious concoction!

Add all your favorite things to an ice-cream tub to create your own ice-cream flavor.

Like several other submissions, I did not “create” this ice cream. I got this small cone at a cart in Paris, France outside of the entrance to the Luxemburg Gardens. It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful ice cream, or gelato to be technical. It flavor? White chocolate.

Use a GIF describing your experience within DS 106.

I completed this assignment by going to Twitter and choosing a GIF directly from the textbox. I searched “hard working,” and this was the option that I thought most accurately fit my experience within DS106.

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