Daily Creates (Week Thirteen)

Tweet your mood today in a GIF!

What is your mood today? Find a GIF that relates to your mood for the day and tweet it!

I completed this assignment by going directly to Twitter and searching through “stressed” GIF options within the text box provided to compose a tweet. Very simple, very fun!

Don’t Dream It, Vine It: Use videos from your phone to make an aesthetic video.

Use random videos from your phone and to make a short aesthetic video (vine). You can set your video to music or use the raw audio from your videos.

I completed this assignment using my iPhone 7. I used the application Snapchat to film and had filters/effects. Then I saved it to my Camera Roll and trimmed it to it was at the traditional 6 seconds of a Vine (RIP). Finally, I uploaded it to Instagram, because Twitter does not support videos on their application yet.

A random word poem

Use this random word generator and write a haiku (5, 7, 5 syllables) about the first word you generate!

To complete this assignment I went to the random word generator provided in the prompt. I selected the number of words I wanted (1) and said I wanted the first letter to be an “O” and the last letter to be a “D.” Finally, I said I wanted my number of syllables to equal 2. The word I got was “opposed.”

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