Following Evidence: Part 1

Following Shannon

Shannon’s discovery of beef on her front porch is definitely disturbing. On top of that, it’s so unusual. My mother has always said if something doesn’t feel right or if something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. So essentially, trust your gut!


In regards to beef on the porch, this isn’t right. People don’t leave ground beef, in a plastic bag, on someone’s porch? Well, unless it’s a prank, but still that’s weird. There has to be a motive. Is someone hinting towards The End? Did someone drop their dinner plans in passing? With all of these potential possibilities, it’s hard to sift through the information. BUT I have a hunch… what if it wasn’t beef at all? What if it was brains? Stay tuned to my blog posts as I continue my research.

Design Assignment

I completed this assignment on I opened the Card template and then proceeded to Elements to use a solid, black square. I moved the square over to my template to create a “split effect.” Next, I opened two text boxes one for BEEF and the other for BRAINS. Then I changed the text to match the theme for both sides of the image. Finally, I went to Google Images and searched for a PNG of both objects and put them onto the template.

One thought on “Following Evidence: Part 1”

  1. I definitely don’t think it was a prank. And for someone to drop beef on your porch, shoot I wish someone would drop some on mine. I would be making hamburgers on the grill for days. Well I will wait patiently for the results of your findings, I just hope for your sake it was only hamburger and not brains.

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