Following Evidence: Part 2

Following Lauren

Lauren’s discovery of food remnants in the University Center (UC) dining hall is definitely something to cringe away from… the images that she has provided to back up her research portray raw beef and bloody napkins left on tables. First of all, gross. Second of all, this sounds oddly familiar.

Two Infections?!

In a blog post I posted last week, I considered a theory of the raw beef product left on the doorstep of another classmate. This theme of raw, bloody beef is something to note. There is a trend going on here people. Between the beef in the UC and the beef on Shannon’s doorstep, I think it is fair to assume this product is being used for consumption (GROSS, again). It doesn’t matter if it raw beef or brains, either one is foul and will make you sick! Additionally, to follow up this statement, we have to note the infection of students. People on campus are feeling funky and acting weird. Maybe it’s the stress of the end of the semester, but I think it is more likely to be attributed to our mystery meat product. There is a correlation between “beef” and infection.

Visual Assignment

This Visual Assignment portrays a Post-it note of a UMW student’s final to-do list for the end of the school year. To complete this assignment I used I used an Instagram template to get a nice “square” effect for my Post-it note. First I picked the perfect shade of Post-it note yellow as my background and then continued to the add a triangle shape in the corner, and manipulated the colors of the shape, to imitate a fold on the note. Then I added text! I made nine separate text boxes to get the exact look that I wanted. Then I added mark boxes and check marks and a line to scratch off an item, just little things to complete the look and give the feel of a real to-do list.

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