Following Evidence: Part 3

Following Liz

To finalize all of the evidence that I have looked at thus far, I wanted to wrap up with this radio broadcast found by Liz. The broadcast announces an emergency across the local area of an “infection.” After reading the discoveries from Shannon and Lauren regarding the bloody, ground beef they have been exposed to I theorized a link between this “beef” and the unusual behavior around the University of Mary Washington campus and more generally, the Fredericksburg, Va area. This broadcast confirms that this unusual behavior isn’t just stress-related due to the upcoming final exams. This is something bigger.

Emergency Broadcast

I have come to the final conclusion that “The End” is coming thanks to an infection stemming from unusual amounts of ground beef. After my investigation, I discovered that this ground beef was no beef at all, but instead, it is brains. How they were placed around Fredericksburg, Va is beyond me. It is possible that someone is plotting or planning an apocalyptic end? That is definitely something to continue researching. For now, it is important to narrow down zombie behavior or stressed student behavior.

Buzzfeed Quiz

This assignment portrays various questions to discover if you are either an infected zombie, a stressed-out student, or safe from the end. To make this quiz, first I had to create an account with Buzzfeed and then open a personality quiz template. The first step in making a Buzzfeed quiz is putting in your results, this includes the result title, a short description, and a thumbnail image. Next, you input the questions you would like to ask. You can change the font and color and text size, it was really cool! After the results and the questions are completed, I then gave my quiz a title and a description and another thumbnail. Overall it was a really fun project to work on. I have always wondered how Buzzfeed quizzes got made and now I know! Below is a link to the quiz:

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