From Behind the Computer To Behind the Microphone

Radio Show

This week I met up with my group in the Hurley Convergence Center to work on our radio show concept. I am working with the following class members:

Taylor Malone —

Elizabeth Finto —

Morgan Burke —

Emily Sanborn —

Make sure to check out their blogs! We collaborated on different ideas and concepts and ended up landing on the idea of a female-targeted show. We plan to include beauty hacks, life tips, advice, and health and nutrition information for girl’s all around the world living through “The End.” We call it, “(Girl’s Guide) Through the Apocalypse.” Emily and Morgan will be educating listeners on beauty/life hacks. The advice column will be tackled by the midwives of the group, Taylor and myself. Finally, the health and nutrition segment will be headed by Elizabeth. We are super excited to start working on scripts and editing our sound bites. I definitely recommend giving it a listen! Be prepared to listen to how to make the perfect mud mask, love advice about zombie lovers, and how to keep your fitness up!

For our show, I created three logos (I couldn’t help myself) to accompany our female empowered concept.

Sugar and Spice

I completed this logo on Canva. First, I applied an element; an outline of a circle and changed the color to black. Then I downloaded a png file from Google of an animated black fist and dropped it into the circle. I added a floral background and changed it to a pink. Finally, I added three separate text boxes to complete the look!



I completed this logo on Canva. I downloaded an image from Google and dropped in three separate text boxes. It was very simple to create.

Fight Like A Girl

I completed this logo on Canva. Similar to the “Rosie” design, I downloaded an image from Google and dropping in three separate text boxes.

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  1. Your three graphics are amazing! Each one of them could be a stand alone graphic. Where did you find your amazing images, just on Google? They are really beautiful images that you creatively added onto.

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