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The End

Share one final summary post. Use it to tell us whatever you want about the work of the class, your final project, and The End.


What a semester it has been! DS 106 has been a wonderful experience and a wonderful course to take in my last semester as a student at the University of Mary Washington. I was able to learn a variety of things; from the apocalyptic genre to how to properly use iMovie. I have been able to expand my skill set, as well as earn new skills throughout the semester.

My Final Project

The final assignment made me both giggle and get a huge headache. I immediately thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” Searching through the evidence that my classmates have already discovered was interesting, it really showed the creative nature of this course. I was able to manipulate the work from my peers and make it into something entirely of its own. I concluded that The End was caused by a mysterious placement of “ground beef” around the Fredericksburg, Va area and more specifically on the campus of the University of Mary Washington. It turns out that this beef product was not beef at all, but brains. In combination with tainted meat and the weakened immune systems of students due to final exam stress, this population was perfect to breed an infection.

The end

I would personally like to thank my classmates, specifically those who I worked with on the “Girls Guide to the Apocalypse” DS106 radio show: Morgan Burke, Elizabeth Finto, Taylor Malone, Emily Sanborn. Additionally, I would like to thank Professor Martha Burtis for a great semester!


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