Radio Show Reflection

Girl’s Guide to/for/through the APOCALYPSE

Write a blog post in which you offer a final reflection on the production of your show, particularly what it was like to listen along to it with the rest of the class. Also, share your impressions of the other show you tuned into.

“Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse” is finished! Our show went on air this past week on Tuesday, March 20th @ 9:00pm Elizabeth Finto, from my group, live-tweeted the whole thing and it was amazing.

Now that it has been aired, I can talk to you all about the process that went into making our show. We met before Spring Break to hash out our ideas. That where “Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse” was born! We decided on a girl-centered show to provide tips and tricks on how to survive the apocalypse to our female listeners.
During Spring Break the members of my group separately wrote the respective scripts. That way once we came back to school we would be ready to go straight to the studio, and that’s what we did! We went down to the recording booth on the first floor of the HCC. We all talked about the order of our show, music, and then recorded! We were there from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and were able to knock out nearly everything to have a complete show. We did struggle a little bit with the microphone and Logic Pro X, which was the program in which we were recording. Once it hit 7:00pm, we were all pretty exhausted with being there and frustrated with editing. I volunteered to take on the editing and so all files were emailed to me and that soon turned into my weekend plans!
I have a lot of fun editing, it’s something I really enjoy. I do all of the music editings for the UMW Dance Team, so I was familiar with what I need to do. I used Garage Band on my MacBook and it took me about 6 hours to complete our show. No biggie!
We had a blast doing it and I hope people had a blast listening. Thank you, Professor Burtis, for this awesome opportunity!

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