Reading and Resource Reflection

Let’s talk about audio… specifically radio

Write a reflection post on the clips you watched above and the resources on the Audio page. Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class. What did you learn from what you looked at above? What resonated with you and what didn’t make sense?

I thought these clips were really interesting. I don’t have much prior experience with audio. I mean, I have some, but I’m not good by any means. This year, as the UMW Dance Team’s Captain, I cut all of our music. This year I have created five performance pieces. For all of my music mixing needs, I used Apple’s Garage Band application. I’m not sure if this is even a good tool to use, but I found it to be easy to work with and I have learned many different skills without the help of any tutorials.

From the clips above I learned that radio is not dead. Radio is something, nowadays, that we so often forget about as a media source. I mean, when I’m in my car I never listen to the radio! I plug in my phone to an auxiliary chord and put on Spotify. Branching off of that note, I think it is important to mention that Apple changed the way people listen to music and take in other forms of media. Food for thought!

What resonated with me the most was the empathic response that radio can inflict on a listener. Radio is a powerful source. That statement is something that seemed to slip my mind. Radio is more than music; it provides news, trivia, updates in pop culture, and comedy.

Something that did not make sense to me was how radio has remained prevalent. We no longer live in a society where there is a radio in every home, so how do we maintain exposure to this kind of media? Every car has a radio, but how many drivers use it? I just mentioned in the paragraph above, that I do not. We don’t have heavy exposure, so it’s fascinating to me that we still have radio media. There is something about this source that makes it unique, like the fact that it has always provided more than music. It can be applicable to the life of any person and therefore proves to be useful to keep around in our high-tech lives.

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