Revision Reflection

Return of Rihanna
This week, you should pick one 3, 4, or 5 star assignment you’ve already completed and significantly revise it, improve upon it, or remix it with something else. This is an opportunity to spend more time on something you might have rushed through before or to bring a new twist to an assignment you’ve already done and enjoyed.
I personally loved/appreciated this assignment. There were a few weeks where the assignments were a little daunting with my already packed schedule, in result the product of my work was a little lacking.

I chose to revise the 3 1/2 star photo assignment: “Pop Star Out of Place” photo assignment. The requirement was to take a picture of a pop star (either one that you took or found online) and put them in a place that you probably wouldn’t see them. I titled mine “Run This Town: RVA” Originally I took an image I took in Richmond, Va and opened in the mobile application Snapchat. I then added a “sticker” image of Rihanna that I took from Google images and added it to the image. Finally, I swiped twice and added a filter. On my second time around, I added the same image (unfiltered) on to and added an image as a layer of Rihanna that I took from Google Images. Then I clicked Edit –> Free Transform, then held down shift and dragged down the size of the image. Overall, it’s still not the best, but it is better and that is what I was aiming for!



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