Thinking About Photos

Let’s talk about photos

Photos are so fun! I’m really glad this week we, as a class, were able to explore this media a little more in depth. The “Tips for Better Photography” page brought new ideas to light. Most of the point I read, I was familiar with, but there were two in particular that sparked my interest: Better Contrast Makes for a Better Stories and Change My Perspective by Changing Yours. Personally, I had never thought to take these steps when capturing an image. One person who takes all of these tips into account is the artist being the “Abandoned American” album.

The “Abandoned American” website was like a treasure chest of pictures for my secret obsession. I seriously cannot get enough of creepy, old buildings (especially hospitals, churches, and asylums). Don’t ask me why. I’m just weirdly fascinated by them. I think it might be the history behind it all; to know that people gathered and worked in these places. Looking at them now it’s almost unimaginable. These buildings have become so desolate. I don’t know if they’re forgotten or unloved. Between the paint chipping off the walls to empty staircases, the images from “Abandoned American” leave me feeling haunted. I love it.

Speaking of love… The Photoblitz challenge a the blast. I addressed the following prompts (Prompt labeled above the picture):

A pair of photos which show some same of symmetry between different objects

Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it!

Yellow is an attention-getting color. A photo is dominated by yellow.

An interesting shadow.

Take a photo that expresses a human emotion.

Something commonly considered ugly and make it heart-breakingly beautiful.

Make a creative photo of paired opposites.

I address these prompts directly in my blog post, “Photoblitz Challenge.”

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