Week(s) Seven and Eight

Week seven

Week seven of the apocalypse was pretty cool. My class group staring working on our radio show, and I was able to enjoy making assignments. Typically in a week, I would have multiple assignments, but this week that wasn’t the case. Thus, I was able to really take time in what I was doing rather than feel rushed. I had a great week!

DAily create – 80’s Glam message

I used the Photo Funia Retro Generator to complete this assignment. I chose the third background option and the third text font option. I typed “Beets” in one text box, “Bears” in the next text box, and “Battlestar Galactica” in the last text box option. Very simple!

This is a popular quote by Jim Halpert from The Office. I picked this quote because I love The Office, as do most people of the generation. It is absolutely hilarious.

Daily Create – make your own wheel of fortune puzzle

I used Word Puzzle Generator to complete this assignment. I submitted the following statements:

Line 1: _T’S E_THER


Line 3: _R BE

Line 4: K_LLED

Clue: We All Die

This quote is from Vine. Vine was a video sharing app that is no longer available to consumers. Two years later and I am stilling YouTube-ing videos of these hilarious 6-second clips. It may seem a little random, but I love Vine, and I thought the quote tied into our class apocalyptic theme.

Question of the week

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something…else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

If the apocalypse were to happen, I think I would want to be a supernatural being. I would want to be a superhero! But in what circumstance would this have to happen? There are many possibilities, but here is just one:

Meteorite – The traffic on highways is incredibly deep. No vehicle is moving and the roads are at a complete standstill. Earlier that morning a nation-wide broadcast was on every radio and television in America. We were informed that a meteor was dangerously close to earth and its trajectory was for the Mid-East region of the United States. Everyone was traveling west. I was in the car when I saw it; it was huge and engulfed in blood orange flames. I looked like I was getting hit in the face. You know that moment when something is flying your way, right to the face, and it gets closer and bigger and closer and bigger until it hits you smack dab in the forehead. Well that thing hitting you in the face is the meteorite and your forehead is the field sitting adjacent to the highway, smack dab. After it hit and the smoke cleared, I walked over, like an idiot. Now it was no longer an orange color, but a glowing green. I felt drawn to its neon and I couldn’t help to touch; it was freezing cold. Somehow. After literally being on fire only a few moments ago, it is now frigid. I traced my finger along the rim of a crater then rubbed whatever substance came off between my index finger and my thumb. Looking at my smeared fingertips, I knew something was changing…

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