Week Eleven

Week Eleven

WEEK ELEVEN WAS SO BUSY FOR ME! There were so many assignments due this week for DS106, all fun, but a lot to do and get finished for Monday. I enjoyed continuing with video this week. My YouTube channel is looking like something real now. With continuing the video section of our course, I have definitely been able to improve my editing skills and I’ve even tried a little work on the side for my personal use; which I think is great! People always ask if what you’re working on in class can be used in the real world and the answer for this course is yes.

Daily Create – A Family that Gifs Together Stays Together: Reply to the DS106er before you with a gif that continues the story

Everyone loves a good gif, but what’s even cooler is making a story from a series of gifs. Together as DS106ers we are going to write a story. Essentially, you are going to reply to the DS106er before you with a gif that continues the story. You can add some text in your tweet, but try to find the perfect gif to continue the story.

I completed this assignment on pure creativity! After adding my story line, I inserted a GIF directly from Twitter. This was really fun to be apart of; it was great seeing what everyone was able to come up with. From Wonder Woman to “Kimye” West this thread was amazing.

Daily Create – Write a poem about a mistake you made

I completed this assignment on the Notes application on my phone. It took me a little while to think of a mistake that I’ve made where I would be able to easily rhyme and create a short version, but I have a large repertoire of mistakes so I had a lot of inspiration to pull from! After I created my poem I copy and pasted it into Twitter and gave it a title. Lastly, I inserted a GIF directly from Twitter.

Question of the week

You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

If I heard on the radio the End was coming. I would immediately call my mom (like I do in every circumstance). My plan of action would be to figure out a way to get together with my family; if the End is coming, I would want to be with them. After that had been decided, I would quickly pack my things and then go to where I need to be to be with my loved ones. 

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