Week Ten

Week Ten

Phew! Oh my goodness, this has been such a full week! I really underestimated the time-consuming assignments that are video. BUT I loved every minute of it. I really got to sit down and work with (plus learn more about) iMovie. I made so many videos and edited so much, that I feel like a regular pro! I will admit… The funniest and maybe the most “smack in the head” moment I had this week was that I had forgotten which video assignments I had chosen for myself and took the time to make a ten-minute long video that I ended up not even using. Oh well! I made it for a dual purpose so… win-lose-win?

Daily Create – Fantasy Plants

Create a plant that can fly or float in the air.
Draw it or make a collage and show us what it’ll look like.

I completed this assignment by hand in my Lily Pulitzer agenda. I used a mechanical pencil and a few Paper Mate markers/pens. I created a partially shown plant floating outside of its pot.

Daily Create – Mix up a tourist slogan (real or made up) for one place with a picture of another place

It’s important to mess with reality a bit which is why I like this idea: Show an image of one place to promote tourism in another place that is obviously not that place.

I completed this assignment on Canva.com. I started with a “Card” template. Then I pulled an image from Google and uploaded it. I dragged the image over to my background. Next, I added text and manipulated the color wheel to get the desired color for my text. Lastly, I pulled one more (png) image of the state of Virginia to add to the bottom of the image and complete my look!

Question of the Week

What question would you like to ask the class?

What has been your favorite assignment that we have had to complete thus far? (This could include, media assignments, readings/television/movies, daily creates, etc.)

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